About Us

We stand on our reputation for service over many years

We are property specialists and jealously guard our reputation for helping property owners realise a satisfactory return on their investment. Part of that commitment means having satisfied customers who recommend us and our services

We can provide a complete property service and our attention is focussed on delivering the best service to you.

Our record of finding tenants and keeping property investments returns high is second to none. Ask us and we will tell you our record occupancy rates on behalf of our clients; a record we are proud of and work hard to maintain. We are proud to admit that we are currently achieving an average unoccupancy rate of 3-4% based on the entire range of property that we manage.

Even before properties are let, we advise on likely returns and suitability of the property in question, and we provide pre-purchase consultancy freely. Our experience enables us to advise on likely returns and costs, areas that prove good investments and pitfalls to avoid. We offer this no obligation service as a way of introducing ourselves to you - many satisfied investors are now long-term clients.